Nissa Revane Deck

Ears of the Elves

Nissa Revane's Green and Black Deck

The reclusive Elves are spoken of in hushed whispers. They are at times mercurial allies or fierce enemies – and sometimes both! From within their ranks, a new force has emerged, lethal as an Elvish blade and powerful as a Planeswalker’s spark: Nissa Revane. She is determined to continue the tradition of Elvish dominance on every plane she visits.

Nissa’s Ears of the Elves deck focuses on the duality of life – green magic to enhance it and black magic to drain it away. Your creatures feature a diverse set of abilities that ensure you have access to more resources than your opponent. Elvish Visionary keeps your hand full, Farhaven Elf lets you accelerate your mana base, Elvish Eulogist keeps you at a healthy life total, and Lys Alana Huntmaster brings an almost endless supply of reinforcements – every Elf spell you play gives you another Elf!

With so many Elves dedicated to your fight, you may quickly find yourself with many more creatures than your opponent. To press this advantage, the Ears of the Elves deck relies on three impressive cards that ensure your forces are not only more numerous, but larger too. The first is a finisher familiar to green mages – Overrun. This brutal sorcery usually leaves your opponent with no viable defensive options except defeat.

The second is the mighty Coat of Arms. With this artifact in play, each creature gets a +1/+1 bonus based on how many other creatures of the same creature type are around. Play this when you have six Elves in play, and each will get +5/+5! This bonus works for your opponent as well, so be careful, but your deck’s creatures are all Elves, so you are likely to reap a much greater reward from this than an unfocused foe.

Finally, for opposing green mages, look out for the Elvish Champion. Inspired by this imposing commander, other Elves will grow larger and be granted forestwalk, allowing them to attack unhindered as long as your opponent controls a Forest.

As the Planeswalkers from lesser races fall at your feet, your mastery of warfare and the hunt will only increase. The perfection of your forces will also increase, with allies like Immaculate Magistrate and Rhys the Exiled joining your legions. Elvish victory – your victory – is inevitable. Get started!


  • Incredibly versatile. Lots of ways to beat your opponent.
  • Potential to have a ton of creatures.
  • Lots of great boosting spells and abilities.
  • Potential to have a ton of creatures boosted ridiculously.


  • No Fliers.


Unlockable Cards

Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 3


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