Red Mana: Mountain Mana

Although lands are permanents, they aren’t cast as spells. To play a land, just put it onto the battlefield. This happens immediately, so no player can do anything else in response. You can play a land only during one of your main phases while the stack is empty. You can’t play more than one land a turn. Most lands have abilities that make mana. You’ll use lands to make the mana you need to pay for spells and abilities.

Each basic land has a mana ability that makes one mana of a particular color. Plains make white mana , Islands make blue mana , Swamps make black mana , Mountains make red mana , and Forests make green mana . Any land other than these five is a nonbasic land.

Image Description

Card Card Series (Expansion) Artist Card Number
Top Left: 1 of 4 Tenth Edition John Avon 379
Top Right: 2 of 4 Tenth Edition Glen Angus 377
Bottom Left: 3 of 4 Shards of Alara Aleksi Briclot 245
Bottom Right: 4 of 4 Shards of Alara Aleksi Briclot 244


Multiverse: Magic: The Gathering

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