It's not easy combining the fiery passions of red magic and the cool intellect of blue magic, but Niv-Mizzet is smart enough to pull it off. The creator and leader of the Izzet guild on Ravnica, Niv-Mizzet is not a dragon to trifle with.

The "Root of the Firemind" deck is every bit as controlling as Niv-Mizzet himself. It mixes potent red burn spells with efficient blue countermagic to make sure none of your opponent's threats survive for very long, if they make it to the battlefield at all. Into the Roil is great for this strategy, setting your opponent back and letting you draw more devastating spells. This deck also packs plenty of punch in the form of Lightning Bolt, Burst Lightning, and Blaze.

Niv-Mizzet was smart enough to include creatures that work well with all the instants and sorceries you'll be casting. Gelectrodegoes from minor nuisance to battlefield-clearing powerhouse by untapping multiple times a turn. With a few instants, Kiln Fiend can blow a game wide open in a hurry.

Choosing this deck is clearly a smart choice that Niv-Mizzet would approve of. As a reward for victory, you'll add some powerful cards to your deck. Elusive creatures like Æther Figment fit right into your strategy. You'll also pick up more fiery removal spells like Flame Slash. Make the right decisions, and Niv-Mizzet may partner with you for complete dominance. A smart move, indeed!

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