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What I've done so far.[]

I managed to complete all of green and red pages. If you work on something you can skip those.


Your theme choice is... well eye burning. May I suggest using a more pleasant combination of colors?--{{SUBST:User:Godisme/Sig|00:40,2/26/2011}}

I would go with a green and white theme or green and black since Nissa was used in much of the promotional material. You lack an actual theme here so I would suggest going to logo creation wiki and have them whip something up for you. Sannse usually does the best themes and has done great work for me in the past so I would ask her personally. As it stands now, you have red on yellow which is as I said, eye burning. Try for softer colors based off of the planeswalkers colors themselves.--{{SUBST:User:Godisme/Sig|05:12,3/1/2011}}